"Vox Pop" Show Description & Guidlines

"Vox Pop" show guidelines

To get the most out of the training experience we wanted to produce 3 Sprouts shows in conjunction with the workshops. Each show will highlight practical application of the ideas and skills we learn. This method also showcases the collaborative approach to making radio. Our second show will focus on recording and editing "actualities".


  • "What it means to be an American": Go to a place where people are hanging out; a summer festival, the DMV, the line at Dairy Queen... and ask "Tell me how you feel about being an American these days?" Or "For you, what does it mean to be an American?" These are open ended questions that will hopefully prompt a variety of responses.
  • Don't hesitate to press for an answer. If someone says they aren't sure, ask them why. If they say they don't have an answer to the question ask them what came to mind when the question was asked? Just wing it till you get it. Hopefully the Sound Recording and Interviewing Techniques classes and documents will be helpful.
  • Put together several different interviews that represent the range of answers you receive.
  • You can ask the question on mic (good clean sound please) and include it in the first 1 or 2 actualities for continuity or you can have the person you are interviewing repeat the question before they answer. Which ever way you feel is most comfortable for you.
  • "Basic Editing" will cover what you need to know to cut this segment by yourself or with the help of a friend.
  • At your location give an audio slate including your name and where you are doing your interviews. Include this in your finished piece. It may or may not be edited out of the final show.

Submission guidelines:

  • RSVP that you are submitting a segment or "maybe" submitting a segment
  • Each participant will upload their 2-3 minute segment to AudioPort by July 29th. Please let us know before then if you need an extension.
  • AudioPort info: log on using volunteer@pacifica.org PW: volunteer
  • The entire show will be edited by the Affiliates office.
  • The Affiliates & Outreach Office will announce when this show is available for download

Please post any questions you might have about this assignment so everyone has a chance to answer them and benefit.




Edited Thu, Jul 10, 2008 9:52 AM

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Hi All,


When we download this to audio port, does what format does this need to be in:wave, mp3 or something else.


Weber k

Mp3 - mono - 44.1 kHz - 128kbps


Edited Tue, Aug 5, 2008 6:56 PM

I just uploaded my piece and I wanted to share that these classes are awesome! I am learning so much and being able to practice the techniques is helping to reinforce what I am learning. It was interesting working with the background noise and ambient noise as well as learning what a good mic can do. :-)

Let me know of any improvements of how I could have made it better. The hardest part for me was getting it into the 3 minutes. The classes have really helped with being more pithy too.

Sorry, when I edited it, it didn't work right. Anyways I was trying to brainstorm a theme that might tie the 3 assignments together and since I don't know the third assignment yet I thought reflections from summer might work for almost any topic ... Or possibly no particular theme and just a montage of 3 different subjects would work great.

Weber I was able to listen to your Vox Pop, and the fireworks made me feel like I was right there!. How did you mic that?

The last class was very helpful as always. I am very excited about the collaboration part.

Edited Tue, Aug 5, 2008 6:55 PM

That sound like a great idea Debbie.  I found the uploaded segments, but could not listen to them on my home computer.  I will keep coming to the webpage, and talking with Jefff to find out about what the final assignment will be.  I also like to get info on how the second assignment turned out so i can make improvements on the third assignment.

Web k

Edited Tue, Aug 5, 2008 6:56 PM

Hi  Everyone,


I heard our sprouts program last week.  I thought it was very good for our first national show.  We have learned alot, hopefully we can keep programs going. We have to say thanks to Christine, and Doug and to everyone who put much time into this project.


Weber koesema

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