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This is a place where members can submit ideas for Sprouts shows and offer to provide segments for show ideas.  To contribute ideas create a separate reply to this message for each story idea.  To offer a segment reply to the show idea.

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How do you feel about being an American?  An open ended question for an open ended show.  Use any device you choose (2 way interview, call in etc.) and collect some answers.

Rural and Farming Issues

The Farm Bill:


see "The Farm Bill" topic for exemplary "Sprouts" Shows on this topic

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I don't know how you would offer a segment on this. It would take a month or so to explain what  the Farm Bill is. Another few months to describe whats wrong with it and a year or so to formulate ways to fix it. I actually think there could be a whole radio station devoted to the Farm Bill. That's kind of a cool thought!

Tracy B Ann

How Americans are coping with the rise in fuel prices. What are politicians focusing on as arguments for either change or status quo? I know in CT we are about to have a tax increase that will mean our state has the highest prices in the land. Republicans here have argued that the reason is taxes, a Democratic AG is arguing that it is more about corrupt pricing practices by oil companies. Will these types of differences in the way high fuel prices are interpreted become a political wedge issue? ---It will if some politicians have their way. But will Americans be sucked in by empty debate that will do little to actually control pricing or help those who can no longer afford transportation to work?


What's happening with the politics of oil in your state?


Dori Smith



Anyone wishing to produce a Sprouts or other program on Darfur can contact me for information about people to interview who know a lot about the topic and have been to Darfur and Sudan. These folks need a lot more coverage than they are getting and even when they are able to get on major shows like Democracy Now it's not enough. People forget due to the intensity of the news cycle during US elections.


Dori Smith

needs to be given more protection.


from the harmful effects of pesticides. gat a question for you . what kind of radio show you would like to listen to that is of caribbean appeal in the united states on certain kinds  of  station. an idea to infuse with american culture. what would that infusion sound like? 

I'm not sure I understand the question. Can you be more specific?

Greetings, I'm working on sprouts featuring comments by a Vietnam Veteran named Camillo Mac Bica. He continues to work on peace and justice issues as a founding member of the Long Island Vets for Peace group. Mac is eloquent about war, and what war is as opposed to the imagery attached to it by the US Military.

Does anyone want to contribute a segment for this show? Ideally it would be 11 minutes give or take with an introductory sentence for me to read. Please submit your idea for a segment on a theme about war and peace asap, preferably by this Friday or write to me at





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